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2 Samuel 10

Remember that TONIGHT's Bible Study will ONLY be live-streamed on Facebook. We will not be gathering together in person this week for Bible Study.

2 Samuel Chapter 10 gives us several things to ponder as Christians. When was peace made with Israel? When the enemy was thoroughly defeated. There has never been a successful peace treaty without a victory over the enemy—without a winner and a loser.

In the prior chapter, David showed kindness to Saul’s grandson, Mephibosheth, and it was a blessing to him for the rest of his life. Then David turned to the Ammonites and tried to show kindness to the new king, the son of the former king who mourned King Saul’s death. But when his kindness was rejected, David engaged in a battle and brought about a destruction of his enemy so complete that, rather than fighting him, they served him.

Likewise, our King, the Son of David, Jesus Christ, has commissioned you and I to be communicators of kindness, and messengers of mercy as we bring the Gospel to a fallen world. It’s so important for us to see that Mephibosheth received David’s kindness. Where the new king of the Ammonites didn’t. Mephibosheth was poor, broken, lame, and weak and was blessed by God’s kindness through David. King Hanun was rich, proud, self-centered, and arrogant and suffered great loss when he rejected God’s kindness through David.

As servants of the King, we need to understand that those who are poor in spirit and meek, that those who mourn their own sin will receive the word of Truth that we bring about the kindness of the King. But there will also be those who, like King Hanun, will not receive the word we bring and they will one day face the ultimate rejection of God.

Didn’t Jesus tell us that we are to be poor in spirit? Therefore, if you want to be fruitful in ministry, hang out with the people who are lame like the Mephibosheths. Spend your time with people who are weak, broken, and needy. Don’t make your priority the millionaire athlete, the celebrity, or the politically powered. It’s not that they can’t be saved—but that’s not what God blesses. David sent his servants to both Mephibosheth and Hanun. We are to exclude no one, but we are to realize that the most fruit will be found not with the beautiful people, but with those who are crippled, with those who have been broken by life and recognize their great need for Christ.

Join us via our Facebook live stream tonight at 6:30 PM.

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