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God is Faithful

A big part of the business that I have been building for the past 11 years is event production.

I feel like in the past two to three years things have finally taken off. However, six weeks ago I watched my business come to a grinding halt as event after event was cancelled, one after the other, and I counted the mounting loss of income I was facing. It was surreal and scary and all I could do was pray to God for help.

And He did! One of my clients let me know that they intended to pay us in full for an event that was canceled just days before it was to start. Another has continued working with us to help them convert from their live event to online and others have told us they plan to move forward with their events as soon as possible. It isn't quite the same yet, but it's enough! Reading this so far you would probably think my point is how God is showering His blessing on me by taking care of me so well. Actually,  that is not my point at all. He has and I am grateful but I've discovered that if you measure God's faithfulness, trustworthiness, and goodness by your circumstances in life then you are doing it wrong. If God's blessings were only shown in material things then how would you explain the single mom who is following Christ, and who lost her waitressing job and does not know where her next  paycheck is coming from - has God abandoned her? Of course not!

I have been in situations where I've felt safe, cared for, and not in want and in situations of complete devastation unsure where to turn.  God has faithfully carried me through them all.

Matthew 5:4 says, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Jessica Pennell

Vero Bible Fellowship Missions Team

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