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God is in Control

With the uncertainty of the election in mind, where should we turn for certainty? Who and what can we build our future upon?

I believe we can rest assured in God’s nature and character, which is revealed in His Word.

I want to share something that I feel deeply as I consider God’s Word, His nature and the modern prophets that many have turned to for their assurance.

When I look at the whole of Scripture it allows for a much broader scenario than what I hear from the mouth of many ‘self-professed’ prophets.

We must be wise and discerning in these times. We must allow Scripture to reveal how God has used nations and national leaders to do His bidding. There really is only one thing that we can count on and that is the fact that our God is sovereign over everything that is happening and will happen in our future and in the future of this nation.

We also know from Scripture that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher

than our thoughts.

Something else that is important to remember is God will always give us an opportunity to join Him in His will and in His work, but if we resist and rebel, He often hands us over to our own foolish desires. Hence, Israel’s King Saul.

We also know that God chastens those that He loves. That’s why he had Israel hauled off by the Assyrians and had Judah placed in captivity for 70 years in Babylonia.

God does this in an attempt to get us to see the error of our ways and to turn us back to Him.

And when it comes to prophesies, all prophets and prophesies are subject to God’s Word. We should never treat any modern prophets words as equal to the Word of God. That is why we should receive our wisdom and discernment from God’s Word, because it’s immutable and eternal. We can build our lives upon it!

I don’t know what the future holds for America but I am absolutely convinced by Scripture that God holds the future! And His Word is the only source that is 100% accurate and will guide me through whatever happens in the future.

Do I think our election process is victim to human error or criminality? Probably. Will it be exposed and dealt with? I don’t know. I think it largely depends on what God has in store for this nation. Can He forgive us of our many sins? Absolutely! But we would have to repent.

Only God knows whether a people will turn back to Him or not. And only God knows what our future will look like. One thing is for sure, everything He does is for the purpose of His glory, not ours.

My struggle with modern ‘prophets’ is that they always foretell a better life, a better you, a more prosperous future. That alone is not in line with the whole of Scripture or even the prophets that have been canonized in Scripture.

Let’s place our trust in the never-changing authority of God’s Word. It will reveal a broader understanding of the times in which we’re living and it will give us everything we need to face whatever lies ahead.

God is in control!

Pastor Greg

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