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An Audience of One

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” Jeremiah 31:3

An opera house in the city of Paris was scheduled to host a well-known operatic singer. However a problem developed when the singer came down with the flu on the day of his performance. When the guests arrived that evening for the performance, the operator of the opera house announced, “We regret to inform you that our singer could not be here tonight. He is ill. We have invited a local singer to fill in as his replacement.”

The local singer took the stage to a silent audience. The man sang with all of his heart but the people were not very impressed. When the performance ended, there was no applause, only silence in the hall… except for a small voice that was heard from the top balcony, “Daddy, I think you were wonderful.” Upon hearing that, the entire opera house began to clap and eventually gave the singer a standing ovation.

Others might not be very impressed by you. But there is an audience of One, who sits in the your balcony who thinks you’re wonderful! And His words are the only words that matter because He is your Creator. And He loves you with an everlasting love! Therefore, go forward today with His blessings!

Greg Sempsrott

Vero Bible Fellowship Lead Pastor

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